Yes, my blog has been profoundly boring for awhile.


This year has been consumed with schoolwork. I’ve been up to some interesting RL hijinx this summer though; riding motorcycles all sorts of places, using my evil powers to persuade computers and faraway humans to grace me with gifts of legal tender for the purpose of finishing my schooling, and  working to complete said schooling and find good work. Pretty normal, boring stuff, I know.

Where things have gone a little askew is in the way events have been manifesting. When you work with entities that abide by the rules of the sideways realms, you have to expect plenty of high weirdness. And that, friends, has not been lacking this summer. I’ll get up to some more descriptions soon, it being late and me being currently ready to drift off to the dreamtime.


Wade Davis FTW

The Bee.

The floor of the café was hardwood, painted a deep blue-green one might find on the bottom of a dory in Maine. Bowie crooned gently in the background, over the cacophony of the espresso machine’s constricted wail.
Between sips of a perfect Caffé Americano, your attention is drawn to the attractive young woman sitting at the window seat. Her matching yellow tank top and wellington boots provide a quirky, innocent backdrop for the events that unfold as you come to the realization that you are dreaming.
It is almost without realizing it that you become aware of the bee fruitlessly banging its head against the window. Its size is alarming to the bespectacled, sadly combed-over man sitting in the corner. He jumps up and attempts to seize the bee in a napkin, nearly knocking the table over in the process.
A young man with curly hair, a bored expression and a surly demeanor walks in the door. He observes the mélee occurring in the corner and strides over.
The young man’s eyes narrow, his mouth opens wider than you’ve ever seen, and an appendage made of wind licks out like a tongue of cloud, enveloping the bee and bringing back into the young man’s mouth.
The young man grins theatrically at the shocked onlookers and smirkingly walks outside. He sits down at a table, opens his mouth and gently pokes his tongue into the air. The bee, looking bewildered, shakes off its wings momentarily and takes flight, off into the sky.

Crow & Eagle

Not much to say, just love this shot. Easily one of the best and most succinct summations of my current spiritual life I’ve discovered….


Ennui Is Boring.

abstract willies

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This is a piece I did last week in an attempt to get back into the swing of artmaking. This summer looks to be a lot more productive, as I’m trying to get a couple friends of mine to take part in a little project called Sunday Painting, in the tradition of Rousseau and many other French artists from the 19th Century.





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This painting is lovely. I really love the sigil in the foreground; it’s got a gestural and personal quality that really unifies and anchors the other elements in the work.

I wish I had this work hanging in my living room.


SSOTBME By Ramsay Dukes

Hells Fuckin’ Yeah. For my homies. The text that started it all.